Who is this for?

Business Coaching

Who is this for? My key areas are strategy, leadership and working across cultures. This automatically defines the sphere of people I work with.

As a former managing director and division manager, I have personal experience of many of the issues which arise in these fields. It is also easy for me to imagine and empathise with the manager’s situation. I am particularly interested in the sort of questions typically encountered at this hierarchy level, because they can be quite challenging.

Real-life issues..

To put it another way, my key areas are strategy issues, goal identification and formulation, leadership, complexity reduction, leadership in new roles, personal leadership style, leadership in an international environment, “difficult cases” and mastery of leadership, pushing through decisions in difficult situations and mastering the demands of cross-cultural communication.

It is about orientation, initiative, goals and performance. The requirements which come with certain roles.

It’s about exploring and understanding personal drives and motivation. And you’re more likely to be successful in an international environment if you clearly understand your own preferences when dealing with people from other cultures. The International Profiler┬« is a helpful tool here.

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